Electrical Department

shapeimage_4Ever watched the credits at the end of a movie and wondered what all of those people do?
Well, here’s your answer. Below is a simplified list with a real world description for most of those positions.
Best Boy Electrician

This is the Gaffer’s right hand person and usually a crew member who has worked with the Gaffer for years. This  is the person who distributes all of the information from the gaffer to the rest of the electrical department. As well as distributing marching orders, the best boy also participates in the duties of the other electricians.


This is the backbone of pretty films because without lighting, the picture is not as pretty. These guys make it look like sun is coming through a window or fill in the shadow on a person’s face with pretty light. The description of this position, however, is pretty basic. This is anyone who handles cables that run electricity or handles any type of lighting or electrical instruments.

Many Grip or Electrics can cross over to the other discipline and that is where a swing comes in. A Swing is a person who works with both the Grip and Electric Department. Swings are good people to have around on your movie as you need people who can help out in both departments.

202639PD~Amateur-Detective-PostersGenerator Operator
This is the person in charge of making sure your generator is running properly. If you are on a larger movie, this is a completely separate position.


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