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shapeimage_2Finding an Editor
Fortunately for you there are many editors out there that dream of working on a film. Just like yourself they too need additional work for their reel. If you are willing to put in the time you can find a decent editor that will either donate time to you or do an edit for a discounted rate.


Editing Platforms
There are basically two standard editing platforms: Final Cut and Avid. Each of these platforms has its own advantage over the other but either will work for you. The important thing here to remember is that you need to pick one platform and stick with it. Do not try to edit half on one platform and half on another as you will run into compatibility issues.

aacar8-filteredThe Rough Cut
The rough cut will be your editor’s first attempt at laying out the film in a timeline that works with the script. This should be available to view within a few days after you finish shooting.

The Final Edit
In your final edit session go in with your final tweaks already thought out, get them done and leave. I have made the mistake of retweaking a film to death only in the end to turn out with something that was just as good to an audience as if we had just made our original tweaks. Remember that sometimes you just need to move on and get your film out there.

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