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shapeimage_10My Big Idea
A Blockbuster Event…Maybe even a sequel.

Keys to a successful Screenplay

There are basically 3 parts in any successful screenplay, also known as a 3 act play. This is the same 3 part play that was around in the time of Aristotle and was also used by Shakespeare so it has a proven track record. Here we will highlight the basics for you.

Part 1.      Establishing Stuff
This is the opening of your movie and the point at which we start to care or not care about the character you have created. We should get to know the character and his or her personality, where they live and the reasons they do the things they do. This is the first part in a build to a conflict.

shapeimage_6Part 2.  Stuff Goes Bad

Ok, so you have established the main characters and their situations and habits by now. This is where it gets fun! In order to have a watchable film, we need some conflict. Conflict can occur in many forms. It could be that a new character is introduced that challenges the main character or it could be that something has happened to the main character that is out of the norm and has a dramatic change on their future. It is your job to take this conflict and mold it into the interesting meat of the story that keeps audiences wanting to see what happens next.


shapeimage_3Part 3.
What happens to stuff in the end.

So we know who the characters are at this point and have followed them through the fire or lost dog/car wreck or whatever and now we have reached a climatic point in the film. This is where we wrap it up. How to end the film is up to you. Most films that sell end happily in Hollywood, however the choice is yours. Good Luck and hope for a sequel!



shapeimage_2Links to helpful sites:
Writers Guild of America

This site will give you the contracts and provisions needed to purchase a script from a WGA affiliated writer.

Screenwriters Federation of America

This is another site with similar info to the WGA site.

Internet Script Movie Database

This is a cool site that has tons of Hollywood scripts you can read to give you ideas.

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