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What is a Stylist and other unknowns in movie credits

Ever watched the credits at the end of a movie and wondered what all of those people do?
Well, here’s your answer. Below is a simplified list with a real world description for most of those positions.

Costume Designer
A Costumer Designer is in charge of exactly what is sounds like, designing costumes. These can be in the form of sketches or patterns that are then shown to the director. While nice to have, more than likely you will not need or be able to afford this position on your independent film.

A seamstress is the person that takes the patterns of the costume designer and makes then into real, tangible wardrobe pieces. There may be a need for some of the pieces you purchase to be taken up or fitted on your shoot. Most wardrobe stylist can do this on the fly in a non permanent fashion. On your film, you would really only need a seamstress in the instance of specialty or period piece clothing items that you need to have made.

Wardrobe Buyer or Purchaser
This is the person that is tasked with going out and purchasing all the items that are needed by the Wardrobe Stylist. They are given a list with photos, sizes and styles and their sole job is to go out and find and purchase the items on that list.


BATsketchWardrobe Stylist
A wardrobe Stylist and their assistant will often be the only people you will have in your wardrobe department. On large movies you have a Costume Designer, a Seamstress and a Buyer but for your purposes, on an independent film, you really only need a wardrobe stylist. The job of a stylist is to take the look and feel of clothing you want and to go out and purchase these clothes to fit each actor. They also stay on set and make sure that there are no wrinkles, loose strings, etc. on the wardrobe itself. Their sole job is to make sure the wardrobe looks great on the actor.

Wardrobe Assistant
This is the person that helps the wardrobe stylist with anything they need. They are the right hand to the stylist and usually are helping to gather and fit clothing to actors.


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