shapeimage_8If you want to make an independent film, you need to read this site. It’s real world advice presented in a fun, non textbook way from real world crew and filmmakers who are dedicated to the filmmaking process. If you follow the advice set out in these pages, you too will have the tools to make your own film. Check it out and Good Luck!

Things I must have for my film.
1. Explosions
2. Hollywood Star
3. Hot Assistant
4. Million Dollar Story
5. Green M&M’s and a pet Monkey named Charlie.

Where can I get Money?
1. The Lotto?
2. My Parents?
3. My Roommate’s Couch?
4. A Rich Uncle?

The Synopsis of my Screenplay…
The hero is involved in a larger than life situation that seems impossible to solve and contains another character with a complicated subplot that leads to the demise of the hero. Eventually all hope is restored and we close on a climatic moment of true bliss. Next we hope for record box office results.

This site is meant to help those in the process of making an independent film and is written with the hopes of helping others to avoid the pitfalls that are out there. Remember that anyone can make it in this industry and with the right help, that anyone could be you. The tips on this site are specifically targeted to those wanting to make a movie and wanting to make one the right way. Good luck on your journey. It is a wild ride so hang on tight!

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